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Swimming Pool Complete!

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Swimming Pool Complete!

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Swimming Pool Under Construction

Kuta Cove Hotel is currently building a swimming pool. Planned completion in February, but due to unforeseen complications the pool will not be completed until March.

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Gulas Garden Bar & Restaurant Grand Opening

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Our neighbours Gulas Garden Bar & Restaurant opened for business on November 28!

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Visitor world map (3 months)

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After three months of running Kuta Cove Hotel Online we have received visitors from all over the world. Please view our updated visitor world map below where darker color indicates more visits. Sweden is still a bit over represented in this picture due to the fact that the web designer/developer is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Tripadvisor review

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We are pleased to receive our first tripadvisor review

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Projects to begin in Mandalika this year

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Bali Tourism Development Company (BTDC) will start the construction of several major hotels in south Lombok this year so you better plan to visit us soon to get your before and after view. Full article in the Jakarta Post

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Please share your experience about Kuta Cove Hotel with other travellers

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New owl species discovered at Rinjani

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Researchers looking for a nocturnal bird in Indonesia accidentally identified a new species of owl – one that has a distinct whistling song and is believed to exist nowhere else in the world. The Rinjani Scops owl was first identified in 2003 and has since been spotted only on Lombok island, about 25 kilometers (15 ...

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Bau Nyale – sea worm festival

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The Central Lombok regency administration in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) is gearing up for the Bau Nyale Festival, a folk celebration that celebrates the annual appearance of nyale sea worms at Seger Beach in Kuta village, Pujut district. “We have prepared a series of events and the supporting infrastructure [has been put in place] at ...

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